Holiday travel advice in the Netherlands

Planning to visit the land of bicycles and light bulb? Even if there are no travel restrictions in the country have to go abroad on the movement of cash and legislative control. Proposed regulations on a check as the Dutch travel advice can be changed in a short time.

From the mid-age girl that everyone must present valid identification document requirements. To ensure trouble-free visit is one of the tourists should pay attention to the little criminals prey. REVIEW pocket, purse stolen, all manner of fraud actually took place.

Located at sea level and other inland border in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands are the southern part of North Eastern Europe. Most of the country is actually below sea level. Large dams and dunes to keep at bay the sea.

Amsterdam's canals, museums, housing priceless art treasures, historical sites, and more gathered, is the obvious choice to begin to explore this diverse country. Keukenhof bulb fields outside the city burst, from mid-March and proud of bloom into a brilliant flower colors. Fruit, cloves and lily scented air make this an never spectacular glory for tourists, every year thousands of unforgettable experiences.

Ironically, the Dutch tulip is synonymous with non-indigenous to the area, but bring a few centuries ago from Turkey. Flower parade around the country in spring, summer and autumn held. Spectacular floats entirely by scent bloom.

In the northern fishing village with a rich cultural heritage of the era has passed. Many buildings and statues dating back to when the East India Company rule supreme. Visit the texture or "the epitome of the Netherlands," with its beaches, nature reserves, forests and picture postcard villages, is a must.

Heineken is world-renowned home of the original brewery in Amsterdam is now a heritage museum. A tour through the end of the beer manufacturing process with a need beer, or taste two.

Added to the urban and rural locals, and cycle. There are some varieties to guide passengers and travel at their own pace or you can purchase maps and travel. Bicycles available for hire, tickets for the price, you can take the car. Almost every road has bike lanes and cyclists have their own set of traffic lights, as well.

For a more relaxing vacation to take in the picturesque canals and river barge cruise. Drift and enjoy the material comforts, local food and wine. Travel through the windmills of the land, its art and cultural history of good fortune. Reservations barge and take a bike and enjoy the best of both worlds. Netherlands travel advice to make this a memorable holiday.

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Leading universities in Europe as in the Netherlands

The main reasons students choose college, they study a lot, because the quality of education. Although the cost and enjoy life and choices of the main factors in the priority list, the second coming, most of the University of choice and quality. This quality is what the future course of action to ensure that they take up is bound to be successful.

In recent years, many students are turning to Europe's top universities and those in particular in the Netherlands and the Swiss National position. The reason for this trend is due to liberal policies and the quality of education, help students find a career carving is completed, their course is not enough. These universities offer different levels to help students through a clear understanding of and problems in their respective fields-based training.

Arts and humanities, culture, history, engineering and technology in addition to the common subjects, is considered by the student's choice. Different from the world-renowned university faculties are experienced Education Advisory Committee, in its guide curriculum design. Vast knowledge and experience, these academicians and teachers for students to put into good use. These materials have been designed bearing in mind who will attend the university in a large number of college enrollment of international students.

University in the Netherlands have proven to be the favorite place of international students because they get their choice of objects is easy. Hotel management, law, political affairs, which are conducive to student found to have some new additions. The reason for this tendency is that one can not even flow of scientific data related to the subject of many research opportunities.

Training for teachers and high standards of academic research than practical way, people like to bring the concept of academic medical centers, Delft University of Technology, Eindhoven University of Technology, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Leiden University of Maastricht University in the Netherlands is well-known name and college students in some communities between popular.

A little distance from the Dutch border, the Swiss national, is the world's financial capital finance is among the students who wish to take in Paris as the Swiss Ecole Polytechnique Federale DE Laussane choice for college admissions issues, ETH Zurich, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences, Basel , University of Bern, and some universities.

A wide range of issues in these universities and students from around the world that is becoming all these European countries to complete higher education courses. Affordable cost of living by the top universities in Europe within the framework of the scholarship program. When this issue is resolved, there is a quality education with the best first-class university, students line up enrollment. After graduation, the bright prospects for the future benefit is another powerful factor in these universities.

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Media Advisory scarce South Holland

In an increasingly complex media landscape, it is difficult to get the right mix of media, so there is no media expert knowledge. For most of the marketing manager is a complex and focused media agency search opinions, so vital to marketing objectives. It is noteworthy that, outside the Netherlands of the Western media of an appropriate body to find a limited number. A well-known media organizations in the Eindhoven describes how to find them at the time of purchase to do a good office in the province of Ontario marketing media to choose.

The Foundation's website provides a qualified Rota media institutions in the Randstad choice, but many marketing experts in the southern Netherlands, for example, are not always reputable placement agencies or media organizations that easy. It is the only independent media representatives or organizations in the Eindhoven and all media strategy and media planning, rational development of the range. To do this, it is important to know exactly what the media comments and questions, including: a look at the meaning. The first is a special media consultant. The problem is usually a media framework in a marketing target.

Guidance from A to Z
A reputable agency or media placement to guide customers to monitor the media planning and media buying, delivery and organization of the material passed to the media. A media organization's mission, including media strategies, and create a media plan, media buying in cable operators, media content and the right to buy media space billing timely delivery. In addition, media organizations to monitor the proper implementation of media operators.

From the pre-defined goals for the media group, media resources and media budgets appointment matters. Then, in the media planning and media titles, such as time of practical application. Media on the target during the progress of the adjustment according to media planning is essential. Media to the next step. Enable traditional media is one of the possibilities. For example, advertising in daily Eindhoven, radio or the beginning of movement. These measures include the complete process of ad placement, but also busreclame, outdoor advertising or billboard possibilities examples.

Up to date
Good media organizations, but also in the media and the CBS published information, such as, TNS NIPO, the Internet advertising and Cebuco (newspaper marketing) broad-based understanding of developments in the field. Example of the figure, the mobility of labor (NOA) latest media research institute recognized as indispensable. All of these data represent a recognized media organization can also think outside the box.

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In the global financial services company in the Netherlands are interested in?

Some of the world's top financial institutions as the International from the Netherlands and the Netherlands, ABN AMRO and Rabobank's global headquarters here, making it the marketing and communications professionals in the financial services industry looking for an interesting position in the market.

Marketing and communications business challenges

Financial services industry is a typical traditional and political environment: Candidates must be able to work well here. Rapid decision-making and rapid treatment is often difficult to make in this case. Company looking for candidates with excellent patience, diplomacy and persuasion skills, and who will relish the challenges of work around these obstacles.
Rapidly changing financial markets. Candidates must be able to respond to these changes, while maintaining the ability to not lose sight of the long-term goals and strategies.
Emphasis on strategic and product marketing positions often need specific industry experience (eg experience in the asset management business of the marketing function) candidates.
Attention to detail is very important. Compliance and risk to ensure that facts and figures are correct a huge role.
The financial institutions and customer relationships are based on trust, compared with consumer organizations. Financial decisions of their customer base for many corporate reputation and image, if it is damaged, the bank will suffer great pain.
We observed that the main challenge in communication is not only complex data, is the result of the transfer, but also the people as the target stakeholders: for example, often within the bank's internal audience is highly educated, high-level individuals to adapt to a busy tone and communication additional point.

Challenge to attract and keep top talent

We note the following challenges to help our clients attract, source, and maintain their senior talent pool:

Our research found that candidates in the financial services industry can pay, rather than the corporate culture or values ​​as competitive focus. It can, therefore, is a difficult task to attract and retain employees prepared to move is greater than other industries. From the communication point of view, it can be more difficult to engage with the Bank's strategic employees.
McKinsey Quarterly article (July 2008) "talent shortage for European banks," focuses on the challenges facing banks, the international competition in the market to fill the increasingly important position. Their study found that in the next three to five years, the shortage of professionals already in the organization is critical to business success will be a problem to work on specific areas of work. Bank will, therefore, to look outside of the top talent, which is risky, because they must ensure they have adequate qualifications, and they understand the key business objectives, and operation of different corporate cultures have been effective organization.

We found, top international marketing and communications professionals the financial services industry has the following desirable characteristics:

Solid economics / business degree education
Experience with financial services, products and services in its depth of knowledge gained
Bank of passion
Can understand non-tangible products and services
Overall concept
Can function in a complex political environment and
Analytical thinking
Strategic mindset, but flexible enough to quickly adapt to market
English-speaking skills
Excellent information technology
Vibrant and resilient personality

There are many similar properties, both marketing and communications professionals share. However, we note that the top talent customer communications and marketing positions do not always need more, the financial services industry experience. This is because less financial knowledge is required, but in a complex political organization of experience is essential. Therefore, we sometimes find the knowledge and skills where you can experience, such as industrial transfer candidates: political organizations, NGOs, consulting and tax companies, business to business services companies.


In addition to generous salaries, leave and performance-based bonuses, up to 30 off bank financial products, such as mortgage loans, which can make a person's net disposable income of the enormous impact of services.

Here we have listed typical approximate salary of marketing and communications in the Netherlands:

Experienced expert
€ 40,000 - 55000 + performance bonus and share of company profits

Experienced senior experts
€ 60,000 - 75,000 + performance bonus and share of company profits

Managers (management team)
€ 75,000 - 90,000 + performance bonus and share of company profits

Director / Head
From € 100,000 + performance bonus and share of company profits

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Netherlands Vacation Guide

Advanced urban centers and rural towns are included in the sleepy by canals, castle walls and dikes there are broad prospects. Europe's most densely populated region is located in the Netherlands, called Randstad. It is located in Amsterdam city center from the circle, including The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht and Haarlem, Leiden and Delft in the small towns. Metropolitan centers hum and seasonal festivals, cultural activities, vibrant art scene and excellent bars and restaurants activities.

Most people go to the Dutch capital Amsterdam to its unique experience. Other parts mainly by tourism, particularly outside the Randstad region. South of the country's shift into the ups and downs in National Park beaches and heathlands, preferably with experience in the landscape. But the south, the border between Germany and Belgium rolled up in the historical city of Maastricht. However, changing the face of the Netherlands, is the restaurant's windmill, canal barge travel tanks, clogs and tulips are grown in the tile on the wall.

The Netherlands has a very good public transport system, but the payment system is undergoing change. Here is a basic guide tickets, trains, buses, trams, airports and taxis, including those with special needs information.

The Netherlands provided a cultural attraction, its trademark is certainly worth exploring a wide range. Charming old city, picturesque villages, rich in tradition, seasonal events, unique scenery, windmills, art galleries, museums, cafes, bars, restaurants - whatever it is you think you'll find it in the Netherlands . Located in Belgium and Germany, it is very easy to reach, from France and the United Kingdom. Modern transportation network and a large number of airports to provide a simple and efficient transportation and from all Europe and other continents in the Netherlands. Anyway, there are many other not be missed in your Dutch adventure interesting. Why not go to the Netherlands, and interesting historical landmarks, in a very rich cities such as Leiden, Rembrandt and in a beautiful old city or the vibrant port city of Rotterdam's birthplace, a region dotted with the western.

SIM card while taking the Netherlands, the wholesale price of local services here to save 85 percent of U.S. international roaming. KPN in the Netherlands, including the network SIM card and services in the Netherlands, with the lowest call rates to the United States free incoming calls.

Not unlock the phone, struck the American carriers you rent the Netherlands - from RebelFone compatible mobile phone, renting at a dollar a day, a Dutch mobile phone.

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Welcome to the Netherlands, and to explore its natural and historical beauty

The Netherlands is a charming old windmill country, ancient buildings, beautiful scenery, famous tulip garden. The country provided for visitors to explore the natural and historical beauty of countless opportunities. Part of the Netherlands is located in northwestern Europe, bordered by the North Sea. Amsterdam is the Dutch capital and an important place in the national tour. Hosting many interesting cities, the Dutch tourist will not go to the city and its attractions are not complete.

Many tour companies and cultural attractions tours around the country some of the Netherlands. Also noteworthy, during the day to visit and experience the natural wonders. Netherlands could one day package tour to Curacoa underwater park, Tafelberg, Rincon, Maho Bay and the St. Christoffel National Park. There are guided tours and walking tours to these places.

Buses, private cars, yachts, cars and pools do sightseeing in the Netherlands. You can book a reasonable solution or travel themselves. There are bus and train services connect these cities attractive website. Dutch part of the famous sightseeing attractions including the Anne Frank House, Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum. Other places of tourists can be considered to some of the royal palace, and the State ticket Neeltjee Jans. These sites are located in Amsterdam city.

If you would like to include the popular tourist city in the Netherlands, you choose to do one in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Leiden, Haarlem, Gopuda, and stay in The Hague. This is the Netherlands home to many luxury hotels in major cities and tourist places. The Dutch city has a vibrant nightlife, you can enjoy the New Year.

Shopping and leisure activities for your important part of the Dutch tourist. There are theme parks, marine parks, cultural centers, programs and entertain visitors of concerts held throughout the year. Recreational amenities include Spanse water, Saba Marine Park, and barracuda Bay Punta available. These are the children the more popular destinations. In the Saba Marine Park, people can enjoy diving. Rincon and Simsonbaai village has two places to save local culture and national heritage.

Evening tour in the Netherlands is the country of choice for shopping and restuarants. In Amsterdam and The Hague municipal market has some of the country's largest shopping. You can go to buy some of the gallery in The Hague Guthschmidth designer jewelry. Fashionable clothes in the inner city shopping center here.

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James Hardie Netherlands to withdraw from the Emerald Isle

James Hardy, the largest U.S. home bias sellers, today announced that its Board of Directors has decided to seek a two-stage plan to modify into a Societas EUROPAEA (SE), some European companies are relatively new in the form of James Hardie shareholders' approval (Phase 1) and then registered to Ireland from the Netherlands (second stage), the company has been reviewing for some time home and business to solve this problem is an important priority is to count. James Hardie Chairman Michael Hammes, out driving in a statement has been a major factor in the review. In the company's decision a major factor, he explained, include:

With global responsibility for the key senior management personnel need to be able to spend with James Hardy's business and its markets more time and

In June 2008, asserted that the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS), James Hardy are not eligible for benefits under the United States and the Netherlands between 2006 and 2007 (US / Netherlands treaty) tax treaty. Although the company ultimately prevailed, the IRS can later time reiterated its position, so now James Hardy thought it prudent to reduce further disputes with the IRS risk.

Statement, James Hardie is the intellectual property rights and treasury from the Netherlands and financial operations, after December 31, 2010 after the expiration of favorable tax incentives, the company currently enjoys in the Netherlands under financial risk reserves. Mr. Hammes explained that the proposals and intellectual property, capital and financial operations to Ireland (collectively referred to as transactions) constitute the current best practices and James Hardy and James Hardy shareholders.Hammes emphasize the best interests of the decision to relocate to love Ireland's basic factors:

Unlike the US / Netherlands treaty between the United States and Ireland (USA / Ireland treaty) does not contain the "substantial presence test", with global responsibility need to key senior management time spent in Ireland most of the tax agreement, so that these managers Flower and James Hardy's business and its markets have more time, it provides greater certainty James Hardy made under the United States / Ireland treaty benefit ratio is based on the US / Netherlands treaty case, it increases the company's flexibility to take under Irish company law, the Directors consider to expand the company's future strategic options a number of transactions, it simplifies the company's directors to the board governance structure, which makes the company's intellectual property and financial services and treasury qualifications statutory tax rate that is lower than the present situation, if these operations are still in the Netherlands after the expiry of the financial risk reserve system; final

It allows the majority of shareholders are not entitled to receive dividend withholding tax.

The company's statement, in determining the recommendation of the shareholders, James Hardie's directors, senior management and professional advisers to explore a range of options, including retaining the parent company in the Netherlands or moving the United States, Australia or elsewhere in Europe also noted.

"Determined not to pursue moving to the United States or Australia due to, among other reasons, the potential tax consequences for shareholders, the additional complexity of James Hardie's corporate structure and practical considerations, as a minimum acceptance of 95 held by the shareholders to ask the director issued Equity% "end Hammes.

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