Holiday travel advice in the Netherlands

Planning to visit the land of bicycles and light bulb? Even if there are no travel restrictions in the country have to go abroad on the movement of cash and legislative control. Proposed regulations on a check as the Dutch travel advice can be changed in a short time.

From the mid-age girl that everyone must present valid identification document requirements. To ensure trouble-free visit is one of the tourists should pay attention to the little criminals prey. REVIEW pocket, purse stolen, all manner of fraud actually took place.

Located at sea level and other inland border in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands are the southern part of North Eastern Europe. Most of the country is actually below sea level. Large dams and dunes to keep at bay the sea.

Amsterdam's canals, museums, housing priceless art treasures, historical sites, and more gathered, is the obvious choice to begin to explore this diverse country. Keukenhof bulb fields outside the city burst, from mid-March and proud of bloom into a brilliant flower colors. Fruit, cloves and lily scented air make this an never spectacular glory for tourists, every year thousands of unforgettable experiences.

Ironically, the Dutch tulip is synonymous with non-indigenous to the area, but bring a few centuries ago from Turkey. Flower parade around the country in spring, summer and autumn held. Spectacular floats entirely by scent bloom.

In the northern fishing village with a rich cultural heritage of the era has passed. Many buildings and statues dating back to when the East India Company rule supreme. Visit the texture or "the epitome of the Netherlands," with its beaches, nature reserves, forests and picture postcard villages, is a must.

Heineken is world-renowned home of the original brewery in Amsterdam is now a heritage museum. A tour through the end of the beer manufacturing process with a need beer, or taste two.

Added to the urban and rural locals, and cycle. There are some varieties to guide passengers and travel at their own pace or you can purchase maps and travel. Bicycles available for hire, tickets for the price, you can take the car. Almost every road has bike lanes and cyclists have their own set of traffic lights, as well.

For a more relaxing vacation to take in the picturesque canals and river barge cruise. Drift and enjoy the material comforts, local food and wine. Travel through the windmills of the land, its art and cultural history of good fortune. Reservations barge and take a bike and enjoy the best of both worlds. Netherlands travel advice to make this a memorable holiday.

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